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Rules of NecTrom Gaming

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PostSubject: Rules of NecTrom Gaming Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:18 am

Welcome to NecTrom Gaming. Here are the rules that you must follow while being a part of this gaming organization and website. They aren't difficult to understand and should be known by now so this shouldn't take long.

Main Rules:
1: Don't be mean to other people- honestly this shouldn't be a rule cause it's simple logic, yet people still do it.
2: Don't mock beginners- another thing that shouldn't have to be a rule yet I'm addressing it. We were all once beginners at any game, don't mock people who aren't good, cause you were in that same position yourself at one point and time
3:No spamming-simple enough right. If not this means no double posting, no meaningless posting etc. etc.
4:No advertising other gaming sites
5:No Offensive language towards admins/Mods
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Rules of NecTrom Gaming

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